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I'm new to Chiropractic and want to know what to expect:

Our approach is purely science. A Chiropractor focuses on your skeleton and nerves that serve and control everything in your body. Care and treatment of these systems lead to long term health.

It doesn't hurt. Getting an adjustment relieves tension in your joints and muscles. Most patients walk out of our office with a renewed lift in their step.

Healing happens quickly. While every patient and treatment is different, you should feel improvements after only a few visits. In most cases you will start with a number of closely spaced treatments that taper off quickly as your muscles are trained to keep you in alignment.

Choosing the right Doctor is critical. New Chiropractors show up every week with "amazing" new treatments, a full menu of experimental therapies, and pushing various ointments and supplements at you every time you walk in the door. We, however, have a proven treatment plan with literally hundreds of eccstatic patients and a track record of serving the Boulder, Longmont, Erie community for 20 years.

Chiropractic won't cure everything. Treatment of your basic body systems promotes overall health, and treatments like ETPS (read more under the resources tab) can target specific health issues like fibromyalgia, shingles, carpal tunnel, migraines and many other ailments. Chiropractic and traditional medicine together provide a more balanced approach to overall health.

I'm being treated by a Chiropractor but I'm looking for, well, more:

Why should you consider the Chiropractic Center of Erie?

This is not a high volume or impersonal practice. Here you will find individually focused treatment from caregivers you can trust.

There are no surprises. We set appointments and charge according to your needs Whatever care is required during your treatment time is included.

You are completely treated EVERY TIME. Each visit includes the appropriate treatment/adjustment prescribed by the Doctor as well as deep tissue massage to train your muscles to maintain your adjustment longer. This approach results in over 60% fewer visits

Proven results. With 20 years of experience serving Boulder, Longmont, Erie and surrounding northern Colorado areas and hundreds of patients able to fully experience active, pain-free life again, we have the right formula for YOU..

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Chiropractic Center of Erie CO
Chiropractic Center of Erie CO